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3 Frustrating Issues a Skilled Plumber Can Solve Quickly

Call us when you need plumbing repairs in the Severn, Crofton or Odenton, MD area

Tired of dealing with plumbing issues? Instead of experimenting with DIY plumbing repairs, call Carson Plumbing in Severn, Crofton or Odenton, MD for a permanent solution.

Our master plumber can figure out why you're experiencing problems like...

  • A hissing water heater
  • A jammed garbage disposal
  • A toilet that runs constantly


You can count on us to find a solution. Call 410-963-0204 now for general plumbing repairs.


Where's the leak?

A leaky faucet is not only annoying, but it can also be destructive. We can fix your leaky faucet to prevent water damage under your sink. You might end up with lower utility bills as a result.

We go above and beyond when providing plumbing repairs to residents in the Severn, Crofton and Odenton, MD areas. Make us your preferred local plumbing company.